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Violin Method Book 4 - Student's Book

Violin Method Book 4 - Student's Book
Titel: Violin Method Book 4 - Student's Book
Auteur: Cohen, Ella
Bestelnr.: MUSNOV140107
Prijs : € 8,99
Voorraad: Onbekend
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Product Details 

Componist: : Eta Cohen
Instrumentatie: Violin
Uitgever: Music Sales
Productype: Boek
Jaar van publicatie: 2017
ISBN: 9781780383309
Editie nummer: NOV140107 


1. Arioso
2. Bagpipes
3. Berceuse
4. Bourree
5. Bowing Study
6. Canto Amoroso
7. Changing From 1st To 2nd Position
8. Chanson de Matin
9. Chant Sans Paroles
10. Elfentanz
11. Entre'Acte Gavotte From Mignon
12. From Scottish Fantasy
13. Gavotte
14. Gavotte From Iphigenie En Aulide
15. Green Our Fields Once More Are Growing
16. Mazurka In G
17. Melodie
18. Minuet From Quintet In E
19. Minuet from Samson
20. Nancy's Fancy
21. Passing By
22. Plaisir D'amour
23. Preliminary Exercises For Chords
24. Preperation For Trills
25. Romantic Pieces No.1
26. Sarabande
27. Schlummerlied
28. Solveig's Song
29. Study In 1st And 2nd Position
30. Study In 2nd Position
31. Study In 4th Position
32. Study In 5th Position
33. To A Wild Rose
34. Traümerei
35. Two Studies For Detache, Spiccato And Sautille
36. Waltz




Cohen, E.
Instrument: viool 

Viool Methodes en Etudes  

Eta Cohen's world famous Violin method broke new ground when it was first released. Providing an incremental approach to learning the instrument, it only introducing one concept at a time and reinforced each new concept with an accompanying exercise and highly enjoyable pieces. The careful organisation of the method meant that it was a great equaliser because any child could make good progress almost irrespective of talent. It was also based upon the principal that playing well brings intense satisfaction, whereas playing badly only results in frustration. The Eta Cohen Violin Method has produced music professionals who, today, occupy many prominent positions in the music profession, including renowned soloists, chamber musicians, orchestral performers (including several orchestral leaders) and teachers. This sixth edition has been completely revised and updated to make Eta's method available to yet another generation of aspiring violinists. It includes a beautifully recorded CD containing demonstration tracks of all the pieces. Book 4 is suitable for students from grades 4-7 and includes studies and pieces introducing the 2nd, 4th and 5th positions as well as trills, double stopping, chords, spiccato and sautillé bowings.


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