Bach, BoŽly en Beekman

Bach, BoŽly en Beekman
Titel: Bach, BoŽly en Beekman
Auteur: Beekman, Bram
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Bram Beekman is one of the most known organ players in the Netherlands and a very wanted musician in The Netherlands and in foreign countries. He is the organ player of the Oostkerk in Middelburg and teacher at the Brabant Conservatory. At this conservatory he studied with Louis Toebosch and obtained his soloist diploma. In Vienna he continued his studies on the organ with Anton Heiller. In 1975 he obtained the Prix d'Excellence and he was winner of organ contests in Bruges (1973) and Bologna (1975). Apart from giving many concerts, Bram Beekman performs regularly on radio and television. For the broadcasting station Omroep Zeeland Televisie, he made the successful series Alle Registers Open, where he tells about and plays different organs in Zeeland.


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