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Visions - Piano Works

Visions - Piano Works
Titel: Visions - Piano Works
Auteur: Liszt, Franz / Berkofsky, Martin
Bestelnr.: 600554775784
Prijs : € 15,00
Voorraad: Onbekend
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1 Étude d'exécution transcendante no. 11 “Harmonies du Soir” S 139 (1852) 12.15
2 Légende no. 1: St. François d'Assise. La prédication aux oiseaux 16.00
3 Légende no. 2: St. François de Paule marchant sur les flots 11.00
4 Ave Maria 07.32
5 Hungarian Rhapsody no. 12 S 244 13.06
6 Sancta Dorothea S 187 04.42
7 Étude d'exécution transcendante no. 7 08.15
8 Pater Noster from Harmonies poétiques et religieuses S 173 

American Record Guide (25.11.2011)
Liszt will always be remembered for his spectacular virtuoso display pieces, but he often wrote in a more spiritual, contemplative vein. Those seem to be the works that interest Martin Berkofsky (...).The climaxes (…) are magnified by the impressive bass notes of Berkofsky's Borgato piano, captured in first-rate multichannel sound. (Koldys) 

AllMusic.com (31.10.2011)
Performance: 4 ½ of 5 Stars; Sound: 4 ½ of 5 Stars 

Berkofsky is a master of Liszt's dazzling techniques, but he finds profound meanings in the music that come to the surface in his playing and help unify the whole collection. The super audio recording is spacious and the piano's wide range of dynamics and timbres is faithfully captured in the DSD reproduction. (Blair Sanderson) 

música 229 (01.09.2011)
4 Stars (Riccardo Risaliti) 

MusicWeb International (25.07.2011)
This is one of those recordings which extends such a curve of lifelong-learning, with performances which are utterly personal and ''visionary'' in character. For its technical qualities both as a recording and a performance I know this is a disc I will want to have around for a long time, and without going all dewy-eyed I can also vouch for the ''spiritual'' atmosphere the playing creates. If you seek a new, intelligent and mature view on Liszt, then this is a remarkable place to continue your journey. (Dominy Clements) 

Città Nuova (06.05.2011)
"Un album di classe, concepito con l'anima e il cuore." (f.c.) 

(An album of class, designed with heart and soul.) 

Classics Today.com (29.04.2011)
Acoustic Quality 9 / 9 Sound Quality 

The 67-year-old pianist also happens to be a colossal Liszt player, whose colorful sonority and formidable dynamic range are made for Arts Music's full-bodied surround-sound engineering. 

If you buy this disc, you'll be supporting a good cause: all of the proceeds from this recording will benefit Assistance in Health Care, an organization founded by Berkofsky, in its mission to give financial aid to cancer patients and their families who face unexpected difficulties which arise with extended medical care. (Jed Distler) 

"Visions" - Piano Works
Composer: Franz Liszt
Solist: Martin Berkofsky
Genre: Liszt, Martin Berkofsky, Piano
Label: Arts
Booklet with lyrics/libretto: no
CDs / Unit: 1 Super Audio CD
Cat-Nr.: 47757-8
TT (Total Time): 78:27
Recording Date: 14.-16.9.2010
Release Date: 22.03.2011 


Franz Liszt (1811-1886) is often thought of as a great virtuoso, enchanter of the masses, a writer of dazzling music, rich in special effects designed to astound the public and bring him easy success. In reality many of Liszt's works reflect other aspects of his many-sided personality. He dedicated much of his existence to deep spiritual research, as testified by his numerous writings.  

The American pianist Martin Berkofsky feels particularly at ease with the poetic world of Liszt. For him playing Liszt is almost an experience of mystic contemplation. The numerous, often radical changes that he makes to the original text should therefore be seen in this light: what counts most for him is not the notes in themselves, but the space that lies between them, a space that becomes vital and universal.  

Look forward to a collaboration of the organisation „Donatori di Musica“ (a network of musicians, doctors, nurses, volunteers, patients and families of patients, whose aim is to organize regular series of concerts in hospitals, totally and absolutely free-of-charge), the pianist Martin Berkofsky and Arts Music.

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