Adew Dundee - Early music of Scotland

Adew Dundee - Early music of Scotland
Titel: Adew Dundee - Early music of Scotland
Auteur: The Baltimore Consort
Bestelnr.: 053479031426
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TT: 61'52 


1 The gowans are gay
2 Adew Dundee
3 Remember me my deir
4 Ane ground
5 A new Scotch song of Catherine Logy
6 The Scotch cuckold
7 Green grows the rashes
8 Alace I lie alone
9 Blew breiks
10 Adeu O desie of delyt
11 Generall Leslys goodnight
12 Lesleis lilt
13 Peggy is over ye sie wi' a souldier
14 I mett her in the medowe
15 The old man
16 Richt soir opprest
17 Suit smiling Katie loves me
18 Whip my toudie
19 Remember me at evening
20 A Scot's tun
21 Woe worth the ryme
22 What mightie motion
23 Branles d'escosse


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