BAe Hawk T.1A 1/32

BAe Hawk T.1A 1/32
Titel: BAe Hawk T.1A 1/32
Auteur: Revell Bouwdoos
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The Hawk T1A is a two-seat training aircraft but is also used by the RAF for ground attack and as a light interceptor. This successful Jet Trainer distinguishes itself with incredible manoeuvrability, outstanding performance and robust construction. After entering service with the RAF in November 1976, the Hawk T1 was used both as an advanced trainer and a weapons training platform. The first training squadron was established at RAF Valley in North Wales. For its role as a weaponstrainer the Hawk was fitted with a 30mm Aden cannon and two missile pods. Commencing in 1983, 88 Hawks were modified to the Mk1A standard which enabled them to carry Sidewinder Guided Missiles. With over 800 aircraft ordered by foreign countries the Hawk is also a major export success. 

- Finely detailed model with recessed panel joints
- Detailed cockpit with foot pedals and side consoles
- Detailed ejector seats
- Replica inner air intake ducts
- Separate air brake flaps
- Detailed Undercarriage Bays
- Separate ailerons, single rudder
- Detailed landing gear
- Under-wing pylons
- Weapons Container with Gun barrel
- 2 Rocket Pods
- 2 Auxiliary Tanks 

Decals for 2 RAF versions:
- BAe Systems Hawk T.1, Xx284 of 151 (R) Squadron/ 2 Tactical Weapons Unit, Royal Air Force, RAF Chivenor, 1992
- BAe Systems Hawk T.1, XX226 of 74 Squadron, Royal Air Force, RAF Valley participating in the 1997 Tigermeet , RAF Wattisham, 1997 

Single components


Product specifications 

country version 1
Great Britan
368 mm
number of parts
294 mm 



Product description 

additional colours
9 57 66 90 91 302 364 99 6 79 310 363 56
article description
BAe Hawk T.1 RAF
main colours
4 7 46 371 374 

- Finely detailed model with recessed panel joints
- Detailed cockpit with


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