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Bach to the Future

Latry, Olivier- orgel Notre Dame Parijs

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EAN : 3770001903842
Auteur(s) : Latry, Olivier- orgel Notre Dame Parijs
Verschenen : Mei 2019
Conditie : Nieuw


For his first CD with La Dolce Volta, Olivier Latry has chosen a programme devoted to the music of Johann Sebastian Bach. This recording, made on the massive Cavaillé-Coll organ of Notre-Dame de Paris, of which he is titular organist since 33 years, raises a number of fascinating questions because for him, “we must learn from the past in order to project ourselves into the future”.

My approach highlights several paradoxes: the notion of performing these key works of Protestantism in one of the most emblematic centres of Catholicism, first of all, but also of playing them on an instrument that is, to say the least, far removed from the Baroque and Classical style of organ building. It's quite true, all of this raises questions. However, the most important question remains, in my opinion, that of authenticity in music. I must confess that this concept often seems to me to be a decoy . . . Playing Bach in this context therefore implies finding a new balance in order to preserve the spirit and letter of music. One cannot be divorced from the other.

Every performer plays with the instruments of his or her time, and the instrument I have here at Notre-Dame is an outstanding one. One cannot and must not fight against the past, but on the contrary assimilate it, the better to derive inspiration from it and then find one's personal path. We shouldn't really be talking about authenticity at all, but, more soberly, about sincerity.

Positively thrilling » Planet Hugill
“For Olivier Latry's disc Bach to the Future, a selection of Bach's organ music for La Dolce Volta, Latry uses the Cavaille-Coll instrument at Notre Dame de Paris which was inaugurated in 1868 [ … ] Latry uses the full range of the organ, his version of the Toccata and Fugue in D minor is positively thrilling, yet with great respect for Bach's music so that the essential is always present. If Bach presented in rich colours and strong timbres, yet with a sense of the underlying structure, appeals then this disc is for you."

« A constant joy » Andrew McGregor, Radio 3 Record Review
“Bach's D Minor Toccata in Fugue played on the Cavaillé-Coll organ of Notre-Dame in Paris by the resident organist Olivier Latry, finding his own authenticity in Bach, inspired by the music, the instrument, the acoustic, even Stokowski's orchestral transcriptions; did you spot one or two little decorative additions that weren't Bach, I'm sure Mahan Esfahani would approve. The way Latry orchestrates Bach on this great instrument is a constant joy, whether you're listening to one of the grand statements like the Toccata in fugue…or more intimate things, favourite chorale preludes or the Ricercar from Bach's musical offering that opens the album. Eloquent playing, it's a fine recording of one of the great French romantic instruments."

Dit is de LAATSTE opname voor de brand van 15 april in de Notre Dame te Parijs!

Titel: Bach to the Future
Componist: J.S. Bach (1685-1750)
Artist(s): Olivier Latry
Locatie: Parijs, Notre Dame
Booklet: 71 bladzijden
Label: Ladolcevolta
Release: 2019
Format: CD
Artnr: LDV69
EAN: 3770001903842
TT: 77'37

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