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Massenet / Franck - Musique conc...

Birit, Idil / Paris, Alain / Bilkent SO

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EAN : 3760014191046
Auteur(s) : Birit, Idil / Paris, Alain / Bilkent SO
Verschenen : Augustus 2014
Conditie : Nieuw

César Franck, Jules Massenet
Musique concertante pour piano

Jules Massenet - Concerto pour piano et orchestre in B-Flat Major:
1. I. Andante moderato - Allegro non troppo 13:30
2. II.Largo 07:56
3. III. Airs slovaques (Allegro) 07:34
IIrina Nikotina [violon solo]

César Franck:
4. Variations symphoniques pour piano et orchestre, FWV 46 14:50
5. Les Djinns, FWV 45 13:40

Idil Biret, Bilkent, [piano] Symphony Orchestra, Alain Pâris [direction]
1 cd Alpha 104
TT: 57'31

French music of the late nineteenth and early twentieth century abounds in fine and very original symphonic and concerted works that are rarely explored. During the symphonic revival initiated by Camille Saint-Saëns and César Franck, several famous virtuosos encouraged composers to write new works that were to leave their mark on the repertoire. At a time when composers were trying to get away from the traditional image of music, it opened up a new path that others were to follow.

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